Teaching Online, part 2

For the background read part 1. Before I go into the planning that led to teaching online and building a course, credit for the idea to take instruction for first year writing online goes to a poster I saw at ACRL 2017. How to Reach 3,000 Students with 3 Librarians (Or Less) presented by Ashley Hoffman… Continue reading Teaching Online, part 2


Stepping Out of My Comfort Zone: Teaching Online, part 1

At this point in my career, I am comfortable teaching classes in person on general library resources, like what one would do for a first year writing or English class. This is one of my comfort zones in teaching, as in I know how to do it, it's usually a positive experience in which I… Continue reading Stepping Out of My Comfort Zone: Teaching Online, part 1

Orientations in a Post-Truth Landscape

The events of the past year has made some aspects of my position and professional ethos easier to explain to people, at this point most people have heard the term "fake news" and whether I embrace that term or dismiss it, it can become the opening for a conversation about what I really do.  As… Continue reading Orientations in a Post-Truth Landscape

What’s the problem with Fake News?

One of the odd effects of our current political climate is that it's put a spotlight on something close to my Librarian heart, thinking critically about the information we see, hear, and perceive everyday. I've been thinking about this and trying to impart this skill to the college students I work with for my entire… Continue reading What’s the problem with Fake News?